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Living in the Condominium: How to Keep Your Privacy

condominium livingFor all the positive aspects of living in a condominium, there is no getting around the fact that a close neighbour. Depending on your building, there might be neighbours above and below, and on each side of your unit. Many people who live in condominiums enjoy the feeling of neighbourliness. But almost everyone needs a little privacy too. Here’s how to create and keep your privacy in condominium living.

  1. Adding curtains. Most condominiums, each of which offers the easiest window display in your home . Depending on how many windows you have, you may feel like being inside a greenhouse and that you are in the outside world to see the screen . One of the easiest and most effective way to improve the situation is to hang curtains . Not only curtain closes the view from the outside , but they also can be a nice decorative aspect to your condo space .
  2. Plants on the balcony. Many condominiums have decks that afford owners the opportunity to sit outside and enjoy the scenery and fresh air. Although you might not want to put something on the front deck and an eyesore, you might want something on both sides. One idea: putting plants balcony. They not only add a natural element to your outdoor space, but they also break up the view from the outside. The air becomes fresher because of the plant.
  3. Keep clear. Condominium buildings often have wide garage for the owner. In some cases, the garage is just a car park. But in other cases, the garage actually includes a parking lot and some storage space. If there are items you do not want people to see, then do not leave them just sitting in your garage space.
  4. Reduce noise. For some people, privacy is all about feelings. Even if their shades drawn and doors closed, still feel they lack privacy if they can hear the conversation from the neighbours. This is true in a condo like a single family home. One of the best ways to reduce the noise is to make your own voice. It can be anything from music to nature sounds.
  5. Higher life. The farther away from your condominium living the ground, the less street-level noise you will hear. And even if you do not have curtains, people will not be able to see into the window. Although there is a compromise that you will spend more time on a higher level, you will also have a greater degree of privacy.

Updated: June 6, 2016 — 12:50 am
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