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Combining the Two Rooms on the Type of Small Homes

create the room seem spaciousHas a living room but the occupancy is quite crowded with residents and their activities. Forced to make additional living is not the solution when budgets are limited. Have a special guest room is not something absolute. Better to just combine the two functions in one room without a room divider. In addition to practical room will look wider. Such as living with a family room or living room with dining area.

If the room size is small and narrow, avoiding the use of furniture that is not too serves as a credenza or shelf. If not sure credenza dual function. As for using a multifunctional box-shaped credenza. In addition to the display table, coffee table can also be used for storage of goods covered.
In essence, make sure all the furniture that you have a fully functioning optimally so as not to spend the lands of your room. Not that more and more furniture, the room looks good. Enough for sitting area with sofa two seats, single seats sofa one piece. Or, if you want to have a seat capacity of more use puffs sofa and coffee table multifunctional. Place the sofa against the wall or the outer side of the room.
If there is more land to add a small corner table. Make sure the furniture should not obstruct the air circulation and activity.

Dry Parks
Make a dry garden in the house with a sprinkling of rock and create a memorable semi-transparent so that the ceiling of the outdoor area. Put small pots with your favorite plants. In addition to beautiful, as if the house is also integrated with nature, and promote a relaxed when I got home after working all day.

Zoning by Color
So that the room does not look cluttered and looks lost its function, make the division area. To create a zoning area, play with color. Do not be afraid to make different shades of a single area with other areas.
For example, a reception area with neutral colors like white, wood, and natural accents such as brown, beige, and red. While the dining area with a contrasting shades of green that looks different areas and green colors to accent a room.
For those of you that modern-minded and not afraid to be different try to play contrasting colors, for example, by combining two colors like purple and orange on the walls of your room. Orange color can give the impression of cheerful, warm, happy, energetic and uplifting, and the color purple as inconsistent.

For furniture, select furniture with natural materials such as wood-finishing is not in color; texture and color let your natural look. Because the colors of its walls are colorful, then neutral natural colors are used to balance it.
And certainly, adjust it with the budget you have. If that funding is limited, playing wall paint color is one easy way to give more value to the room without having to exit the lot cost.

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