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Best Apartment Prices in Portland

I am going to be moving to Portland Oregon, not Portland, Maine, and I currently live in the state of California. The cost of living is just too high here, and I do not make enough money. But I have decided that I would prefer to live in Oregon, and as such, I have been looking for jobs in the area. Now that I have found one, I need to look at apartments in Portland Oregon and I do not need much in terms of an apartment. I just need a room with a bed, and that is enough for me.

I do not own much in the way of personal possessions, or furniture, for example. So it would be nice to find a furnished apartment. Otherwise, I am probably going to have to purchase furniture, and that does not exactly fit in with my budget at the moment.

I have wanted to live in Portland for a quite awhile. I have visited the city a number of times in my life. Probably more than 10 times, but i am not sure what the exact number is. But from my previous experiences, it is probably my favorite city in the whole country. Of course, I have not visited every city in the country, but from what I can tell, it seems like the type of place that I would love to live.

Plus, there was a bill that was passed not that long ago, which makes Portland an even better place to live for me than it was in the past. So I must admit that I am pretty excited that I was able to find a job in the city. I start in a few weeks, so I need to find an apartment to rent within the next week or so.

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