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Month – February 2017

Fasteners Used In Building Construction

Fasteners are an important tool to create non-permanent amalgamation to hold two or more materials simultaneously. Usually found in many home appliances, electrical equipment and furniture. There is also commonly used in construction, both office buildings, hotels, hospitals and homes. Instead, various pins, screws, nuts, bolts, and hinges are often used. For example, the door hinges are used to attach to the door frame, the screws used to hold the door knob to the door and etc. Of course, construction fasteners used to the larger size, are made of more durable materials and so on, is more expensive than the screw and

Of course, in building construction, nut fasteners used are larger and made of a more durable material and so on, is more expensive than ordinary screws and bolts that we use in our day-to-day activities just like the cabinets. In fact, some of them may be custom-made, although usually most of them can be found in hardware stores.

Similar to the humming of cabinets and shelves, we must consider several factors in choosing the most appropriate fastener for construction purposes. Among the factors that must be considered is the body design, body diameter, type of thread and screw drive type. It is also important that one consider the type of material to be fastened and the type of joint to be made. This is important as the screws used for fastening steel rods may not be suitable for binding two wooden beams. In building construction, is also most important that the binder used to meet the minimum requirements and standards set by the government. This is due to the wrong choice or a bad screw will cause the collapse of the doors, the ceiling or chair which then endangers a person’s safety and life. Similarly, a bad choice can also cause damage to the screw machine and finally arises losses in business.

In addition, it is important that the nuts bolts fasteners used in construction should be free rusty. This is because the screws, nuts and bolts will be prone to rust like air and water. When the screws, nuts and bolts rusted, they are difficult to remove and the possibility to enter into two before they could remove the good from the original media. What is more worrying is rusted fasteners more vulnerable and weak support, then, the structure of the door and the ceiling will collapse.

As an advice, you should make sure the type and size of fastener that would be appropriate for the intended non-permanent joints, especially if it is intended for construction purposes. If you replace the old screws and bolts or rusty, it is also important that you replace it with something similar in size and diameter so as to provide the same strong support.

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