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Month – August 2016

Best Apartment Prices in Portland

I am going to be moving to Portland Oregon, not Portland, Maine, and I currently live in the state of California. The cost of living is just too high here, and I do not make enough money. But I have decided that I would prefer to live in Oregon, and as such, I have been looking for jobs in the area. Now that I have found one, I need to look at apartments in Portland Oregon and I do not need much in terms of an apartment. I just need a room with a bed, and that is enough for me.

I do not own much in the way of personal possessions, or furniture, for example. So it would be nice to find a furnished apartment. (more…)

Homes for Sale in Lake Wylie

Lake Wylie homes for sale offer you the private, luxurious, and affordable residential house at Lake Wylie that offer you rest in your time. There is reachable location and peace place for rest and do activity. When you are going to have business and want to have strategic location for your business, this Twin Coves lane is perfect for you. This have path that neaten off and have big main channel view. If you are consider for resort living, you can consider for 126 Tall Pines court that have fantastic floor plan in private lot.

The next home to look after is Natoma Road 5830. This home is perfect for you who want to have home that offer warm comfortable and mid style home. It is neighborhood in Masons crossing and offers in $1,349.900. The detail home is having four bedrooms, 5.1` BA and it has 6.129 square feet. Boyd Cove Lane is located in Lake Wylie neighborhood and offered in $968.00. If you love to have cottage home in Lake Wylie, you can consider for buying this Cottage Creek Lane tat offered just in $469.000. The natural bricks structure makes this cottage love to rest and provide old classic residential look.

Next home is for you who consider having great view in Lake Wylie. 4826 Gazebo Lane offer you great view in Lake Wylie with the deck gazebo at lake that make your day great and peace to enjoy your rest day. This home is offered in $1.199.999. Next is 4501 Rinaldo Road that offer in $499.000. if you want to have private home in beautiful one acre lot, the 5321 Hudson road is available for you. This house is offer in $469.000. The house is also preferable to have their office room, so you can finish your work in this home in peace of mind.

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